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Donate to Manipur relief efforts today to help the people of Manipur in this time of need.

Different tribal communities experience tragedies, but the Kuki Tribes of Manipur, who primarily practice Christianity, seem to endure a significant amount of suffering. Let us unite and extend our support to assist them in their time of need.

Current Tragic situation of Manipur

Manipur’s Tragedy

On May 3, 2023, a government order was issued granting Scheduled Tribe status to the Meitei people residing in the valleys. This status enables them to settle in the hills, access employment opportunities, and purchase land in these hilly areas.

However, the implementation of this order sparked protests from the student community, leading to communal violence. The world bore witness to the tragic bloodshed as both tribes engaged in a brutal conflict.

News headlines echoed the plight of Manipur, with “Manipur Is Burning” resonating across the globe. Unfortunately, the introduction of military and paramilitary forces intended to restore peace only escalated the violence further.

Over 200 churches were destroyed, houses, particularly those occupied by Christians, were set ablaze, and more than 50,000 individuals were displaced, seeking refuge in the jungles. The devastation unfolding in Manipur is disheartening, with the violence, riots, and destruction persisting from May 3 to June 22, 2023.


An Appeal to Help Manipur’s Suffering People

The overwhelming support and prayers offered for peace and protection in Manipur are truly heartening.

In April 2023, a member of the “Friends of Manipur” visited Manipur and had an excellent time enjoy the nature and peace and was deeply moved by the ongoing riots and destruction. Subsequently, a group of friends in the Bay Area, California, recognized the urgent need to support the suffering people of Manipur. Many children lost their educational certificates, consumed by the flames, while a significant number of individuals sought refuge in the jungles, grappling with scarcity of food and clothing. Pregnant women, fearing for their lives, found solace elusive, uncertain of what each passing minute held for them.

With heavy hearts, we earnestly appeal to our circle of friends to contribute as generously as possible. We will mobilize funds and channel resources directly to those in need. By maintaining direct contact, we will ensure efficient distribution, ensuring that every contribution is fully utilized to aid the affected population. To facilitate contributions, we have promptly created a website,, where you can donate conveniently.

Please note that “Friends of Manipur” is not a non-profit organization, and hence, we will not issue statements of contribution. Please share this appeal for help with your social network of friends for support. We can surely make a difference in the lives of those suffering in Manipur if we work together.

Manipur Kuki Christians
Manipur Kuki Christians
Manipur Burning

About Manipur

Manipur’s Tragedy

Manipur – One of the major states in Northeast India.
Bounded by Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam and Myanmar (Burma)

Capital Imphal
Population (2022)  3.6 million
Hinduism 41.39%
Christianity 41.29%
Islam 8.40%
Others 8.92%

Urban Population: 29.21%
Rural Population: 70.79%
Literacy Rate: Male 83.58%  Female 70.26%
Languages: Meitei also known as Manipuri, Kuki-Chin languages, Naga languages, like Tangkhul, Poula, Rongmei and Mao
Natural Resources: Teak, pine, oak, uningthou, leihao, bamboo, and cane. Rubber, tea, coffee, orange, and cardamom are grown in hill areas.


A Brief History

Manipur, renowned for its captivating beauty and evergreen landscapes, boasts a rich and enduring history. As a pivotal point of Asian economic and cultural exchange, Manipur has played a significant role for over 2,500 years. Once a princely state, it underwent a significant transformation during the partition of India, Pakistan, and Burma by the British Government. Maharaja Budhachandra signed a Merger Agreement, integrating the kingdom into India.

This merger gave rise to conflicts between tribes, resulting in a 50-year insurgency in the state. Ethnic groups within Manipur also experienced recurring bouts of violence, leading to the unfortunate loss of over 1,000 lives between 2009 and 2018.

While the Meitei people primarily inhabited the valleys, the Kuki and other tribes resided in the hills. Consequently, a sense of detachment from India permeated among these tribes, and the Indian government seemed to allocate less attention to the development of Manipur.

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